Dove hunting with a Fence Devil™ from Tamer

Torn up clothes, scratches, wasted time and birds lost are all side effects of crossing from one side of a barbed wire fence to the other. 

I’ve been a dove hunter for many years, and every year, I have to fight the unforgiving barbed wire fence. Seems like no matter how good the spot I choose, there are always a bunch of birds that fly just on the other side of the fence, or ones I don’t shoot at just because I hate to go get them. No matter how hard I try to NOT put myself in a position of crossing the prickly fence, it inevitably happens. I can’t resist  pulling the trigger, and thud, the bird falls on the other side. Mumbling under my breath, I try to triangulate where the bird fell using the fence posts and other items to mark the spot. By the time I do manage to climb, crawl or wiggle through the wires, it seems all my spotting effort has gone to waste. While I’m searching for the bird, several others have sensed the opportunity and fly safely over making their laughing little dove noise!

I have a few pair of hunting pants and shirts. These along with my dove vest all have snags and rips from continually having to cross the accursed barb wire fence. Add crossing with a weapon and it can get downright scary! 

The FenceDevil ™ is a fence crossing tool that requires no climbing over, no crawling under and no scraping through the barbed wire fence. It snaps easily in place between the wires of the fence, forming a safe quick way to slip from one side to the other. No longer do I fret the dangers of crossing a barbed wire fence to fill out my dove limit. Anywhere I need a path from one side of a fence to the other, I just snap my FenceDevil in place. I can move it quickly if I need to relocate or I can just leave it in the fence at my favorite spot. Problem solved. When I am done, it folds down compactly for easy storage, ready for the next hunt. 

From now on, I can wear my hunting clothes until they fall apart naturally. My arms don’t have scrapes and scratches anymore. And best of all, I shoot at any bird within range without worrying about where it may fall. My bag limits are up, my friends are a little envious and I am one happy hunter!