The Fence Devil™ by Tamer Outdoors - World's Best "No Climb" Barbed Wire Fence Crossing Tool

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Anyone that routinely crosses a barbed wire fence can now do so safely without the risks of climbing - saving time, gear and skin with a Fence Devil™

Field Service workers will find this tool especially invaluable when working in rural settings. The video below shows how quick and easy the product is to set up and use in a real world.



Anyone that has to routinely cross a barbed wire fence will love the Fence Devil™ spreader and crossing tool which makes crossing safer, quicker and easier.  The tool can be used temporarily or left in place indefinitely. The tool secures in place between wires on nearly all barbed wire fences.  It forms a step through opening that can be negotiated without climbing the fence or attempting to squeeze between exposed barbs - all without damaging the fence.  It installs quickly and easily. It collapses for convenient storage and transport. It is made of powder coated steel allowing for years of durability and use. 

The Fence Devil™ is ideal for:

  • Electrical Transmission, Gas Pipeline, and Telecommunications Field Service Crews

  • Rural Water and Electrical Co-Ops

  • Oil and Gas Operators

  • Surveying Teams,  Rural Real Estate Brokers, Construction Crews

  • First responders including police, EMT and firefighting crews who need instant access.  

  • Bird and deer hunters that encounter barbed wire fencing in the field.  

    The Fence Devil™ by Tamer Outdoors, LLC

      The developers of this revolutionary method for easily and safely crossing barbed wire fences have spent many years in rural settings dealing with the common problem of getting over a fence quickly for any number of reasons. Anyone that routinely crosses barbed wire fences knows all too well the hassle and risks involved in making a crossing. Anywhere a quick gate is needed, The FenceDevil™ is a perfect solution. You can go through the FenceDevil™ without snagging clothes or gear. Climbing a barbed wire fence can be dangerous and also damaging to the fence. This barbed wire fence crossing tool greatly minimizes all issues with getting from one side of a barbed wire fence to the other.  Be sure to ALWAYS UNLOAD any firearm and sheath any sharp objects that you might be carrying before attempting a fence crossing.  

      Emergency responders will also find it essential for crossing barbed wire fences wearing bulky equipment. Wires and hoses can also be passed through the opening without fear of snagging or damage.

      Questions?  Please contact us for information regarding any aspect of this revolutionary product: 

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