Fence Devil™ - Standard Field Service - Safety Yellow

by Tamer Outdoors LLC

$ 250.00


 in the Lower 48 States

For order quantities greater than 25 please contact us at sales@tameroutdoors.com 

The Fence Devil™ Field Service Model is ideal for telephone, electric power, gas & oil pipeline, county maintenance and other field service crews who need instant access through barbed wire fencing they encounter while on the job.   

This Fence Devil™ model allows crew members to easily glide through barbed fencing without snagging expensive uniforms or catching and damaging carried tools on the sharp barbs.   The unit folds compactly for easy transportation on the service vehicle.

The Fence Devil™ Field Service Model comes standard in a high visibility safety Yellow & Black configuration - large volume orders with custom colors and stenciling are quoted per application - please contact us at sales@tameroutdoors.com so that a sales person may discuss how we can meet your specific needs. 

Fence Devil™ by Tamer Outdoors, LLC is a barbed wire fence spreader tool designed to make crossing a barbed wire fence safer, quicker and easier.  The tool can be used temporarily or left in place indefinitely. It secures in place between wires on nearly all barbed wire fences.  The installed tool forms a step through opening that can be negotiated without climbing the fence or attempting to squeeze between exposed barbed wires.  The unit installs quickly and effortlessly in most every type of barbed wire fence in use today and just as simply collapses for convenient storage or transport.  The tool is made of powder coated steel here in the USA for years of durability and trouble free use.