Law Enforcement & Emergency Services

The Fence Devil™ makes an ideal tool for a variety of Law Enforcement and Emergency Services applications:

  • Game Warden
  • Border Patrol
  • County Sheriffs
  • State and Local Police
  • Fire Rescue
  • Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

Fence Devil™ on the patrol vehicle can make access to fenced properties much easier during a critical situation.   In the event of a rescue, the Fence Devil™ can make the transfer of equipment and extraction of people through the fence much easier.

By utilizing the Fence Devil™, Officers and First Responders can easily cross a fence without fear of snagging and tearing expensive uniforms or scratching sensitive equipment. 

The Fence Devil™ can be folded compactly and stored on the service vehicle without taking much room or adding excessive weight.   It can be easily carried for long distances when needed and installed either temporarily or long term into the fence. 

Agencies and Municipalities that want to customize The Fence Devil™ with specific colors and have the organization's name stenciled on can do so  - please see the "Custom Colors" tab for more detail or contact us via email at          and we will have someone contact you immediately.