Fence Devil™ - Standard Hunting Model - Hunter Green

by Tamer Outdoors LLC

$ 250.00


 in the Lower 48 States

The Fence Devil™ Hunting model is ideal for hunters who encounter barbed wire fencing during their hunts.  It allows the hunter to quickly install the tool and pass through the fence without risking a dangerous climb over or under.  The Fence Devil™ provides the hunter with a smooth and clean passage to transfer guns eliminating the risk of scratching or snagging expensive guns on exposed barbs. The Fence Devil™ also eliminates snagging and tearing of expensive camo clothing on the barbs.  Please note - weapons should ALWAYS be unloaded prior to attempting a fence crossing.

It is ideal for:

  • Bird hunters - especially dove and quail hunters who frequently pursue birds across fencing

  • Deer hunters moving in and out of fencing between camera setups, blinds and feeders

  • Hog hunters who need to frequently move between planted fields where hogs are feeding

  • Coyote and other varmints hunters who need a safe method of fence crossing at night

The Fence Devil™ Hunting model comes in Hunter green rails with Black Actuator Arms to blend into the surroundings. 

Fence Devil™ by Tamer Outdoors, LLC is a barbed wire fence spreader tool designed to make crossing a barbed wire fence safer, quicker and easier.  The tool can be used temporarily or left in place indefinitely. It secures in place between wires on nearly all barbed wire fences.  The installed tool forms a step through opening that can be negotiated without climbing the fence or attempting to squeeze between exposed barbed wires.  The unit installs quickly and effortlessly in most every type of barbed wire fence in use today and just as simply collapses for convenient storage or transport.  The tool is made of powder coated steel here in the USA for years of durability and trouble free use.